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"Peru has several destinations that offer many activities, ancient and modern treasures, and the spectacular beauty of our Coast, Sierra and Selva. Many of these areas are places of indescribable natural beauty such as Cusco, Puno, Arequipa, Puerto Maldonado, Nazca Lima. In all these places the nature lover traveler has the opportunity to go back to the past to live customs, Andean, pre-Inca, colonial and republican traditions manifested in the art of communal customs, in music, in walks in gastronomy , crossing landscapes, snowed mountains, mountain ranges. Arriving at our majestic Cusco where our Travel and Tourism Agency Lucero's Tour S.R.L awaits you, who gives you a warm welcome to the Inca City. "

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The Corpus Christi

The feast of Corpus Christi in the City of Cusco is one of the great and important celebrations, where people from all regions and...

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Restaurants in Aguas Calientes

Suddenly you are already in the city of Cusco, and are about to go to one of the most emblematic places in the city,...

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The Festivities of Cusco

Jubilee of the Imperial City – Cusco On January 8, 1944, it was agreed to celebrate on June 24 of each year, the Day...

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